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API DataDirect

Eliminate the #1 cause of proficiency testing failures by uploading your results to API using your LIS.

API DataDirect


Manual entry of proficiency testing results is a time-consuming process and prone to errors. DataDirect utilizes the ability of your LIS to run a report and create a data file which is then uploaded onto API’s website. This process removes the need for manual entry, saves time, and eliminates the number one cause of proficiency testing failures, clerical errors!



The process is simple



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Clerical Errors Avoided

7 Million

Results Uploaded


Hours Saved Each Year

Proficiency Testing Reporting Just Got Easier!

Proficiency testing becomes truly accurate, immediate, and paperless. Using their own laboratory information system (LIS) or middleware, laboratories may now transmit proficiency testing results directly to the American Proficiency Institute (API), a process that revolutionizes external quality control for clinical laboratories.

  • No more paper forms

  • No more transcription errors

  • No changes to your firewall or security

  • No interface required or software to install

  • No additional fees - API DataDirect is completely free!

We have DataDirect Specialists ready to assist you

You can either email us at DataDirect@api-pt.com or call 800-333-0958
and ask to speak to a DataDirect Specialist.

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With API’s DataDirect proficiency results are uploaded using your LIS. This upload eliminates the main cause of PT failures- clerical errors.

No additional cost or interface is needed and the setup is easy!

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